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I'm looking to remove an individual NTFS permissions from a folder without removing or affecting the other permissions set on the folder. Is this possible?

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Go to a command prompt (running as administrator) and type

icacls /?

I think you want the

/remove[:[g|d]] Sid removes all occurrences of Sid in the ACL. With
    :g, it removes all occurrences of granted rights to that Sid. With
    :d, it removes all occurrences of denied rights to that Sid.    

parameter. If you don't want to use icacls then right click the folder, select Properties, then go to the Security tab. Select the username you want to edit and modify the access rights from there.

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Is there a way to do this on a group of folders? I have about 300 folders that I need to remove the same permission from. Or would doing this in Visual Studio code be easier?

You can set the attributes in

I don't think that allows you to play with the access lists, just the regular attributes (read, hidden, system, archive).

If you go the icacls route you could just create a cmd file with an icacls command on each line (one for each folder).

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