please provide me a code for telephone directory in emu8086. its my project,and i am very tensed about it. just a simple program. please help this girl.

We don't do homework for students.

That's not entirely true, is it? Daniweb's rules say: "Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments."

So Pinky, if you happen to be stuck on a particular aspect of an assignment, don't be afraid to request help. Show us a snippet of your code, the relevant bits, or some other evidence of your work.

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That's not entirely true, is it?

Yes it is entirely true. I did not say "we do not help with your homework", i said we don't do it for you.

In other words, we can help with homework related questions, but we're unable to do homework on behalf of students.

Pinky, if you still need help with your project, tell us about the parts you don't understand. Break the tasks down and tackle them one at a time - you can always begin a new thread for each problem. Only show code that is relevant to your question. Avoid revealing so much code that other students will be able to take advantage of your work, otherwise you'll run the risk of being accused of plagiarism - something you really don't want to happen.