http://pastebin.com/embed_js.php?i=TpzkKkYW Here's what I have right now. I am basing it off this ( http://forum.codecall.net/topic/76208-tkinter-ball-snake-game/ ) and trying to change it into what I want, as I'm fairly new to python and wasn't sure how else to start. Could you guys help me make it more simple?
I just want to be able to control with arrows, have one food item on the screen at a time, give the body of the snake the same properties as the trap food(and change it a bit so when you run into yourself it ends the game), and have the snake increase in length rather than size, everything else that I don't need can be scrapped.
This is for my final project which I only have 2 weeks left for, and I'm really hoping you guys can help. Thanks in advance. Any feedback is welcome.

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Make first not growing snake, the add collision detect. Basically list of places where snake is could be good idea, then you just remove one end and add one cordinate for head, when snake grows you leave the deletion part undone.


Ok, I think I understand the majority of that but I'm not sure how to make it using tkinter, other than I'd have to make a canvas. Sorry, my teacher hasn't really taught, he just gives us basic calculator type programs to make and he sits at his desk doing projects for other classes

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