I have a huge project to do for my Gr11 PAT(Practical Assessment task)

We have to create a project based on Geocaching Click Here and I need ideas to start planning my Fase 1 - wich constructs of a basic descrption of at my program wil do.

I need at least 3 ideas - 3 programs in the one program. I already have an idea ( giving the distance between 2 coordines) but since the teacher and the project suggested that option already i need 2 great additional ideas.

It has to be any kind of geographic IT program - basicly any part of geocahing. Here is the link to the project http://www.thutong.doe.gov.za/ResourceDownload.aspx?id=47881

Please give me ideas, and since i'm still in Gr11 please keep it simple.

Thank you

The document you linked to is rather too long to read quickly, but here are a couple of ideas where one builds on the other.
First, calculate the compass heading from your current location to a target destination.
Second, give some "LEFT-RIGHT" alarms as you move towards the target. If you are too far to the left, sound some "dots" on the speaker. If you are too far to the right, sound some "dashes". The more off-course you are the louder or more frequent the alarms should be.

This could be a good exercise in Delphi because you could implement the basic guidance engine with onTooFarLeft and onTooFarRight events. This would be good practise for producing classes / components "the Delphi way". You could easily change the alarms from audio to visual by changing the event handlers, without having to change the geo code.

Another possibility would be if you had 2 people who could exchange their position details, or inform a 3rd party of their positions, how could you have a system guide them to meet each other? How would that system cope if one or both went off course? It could be an interesting exercise because the 2 people's required actions (movements) would be mirror-images of each other.

Does your position data include altitude? Could you use position data from a hot air balloon to predict where it would land so that a recovery crew could get there quickly?

These ideas all have some common elements involving guiding people to a (possibly mobile) target. If you went about it the right way you could produce basic code that could support all of these tasks. Maybe scope for practising inheritance & polymorphism with your design. For example, have a basic class to hold 2-D position then derive a 3-D version from the 2-D class for the balloon task.

Wow! Thanks for your help! You have some great ideas!

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