I need to import the xml file into access and I should do the transformations (XML -> XML) and to do that Access calls an XSLT file.

Then my source file is as follows, of course I deleted the rows because it was very long, but it should be understood, however, the structure.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> 

<Date>2014-05-23 11:37:41</Date> 



<D Index="1"> 
<D Index="2"> 
<D Index="3"> 

Importing it into MSAccess, it creates several tables for each element and so far everything is ok.

I would like to have in each table the element "data" (which the original xml is reported only in a table).

Then there is the problem of "index" which are not always 3, may be more or less, and even in this case would need the date in each element ...

Who can help me to generate an XSLT that meets my needs? I hope I have explained my problem clearly thanks