Any idea for a simple C++ project for class 12 ? I thought of and also got many ideas like railway reservation , library management , tic tac toe game , book shop management . But those are too mainstream . Anything else by anyone ? I would be highly obliged ! :D

If your school has a bus lot consider building a program that simulates (and potentially optimizes) the bus loading process. You can sample (by observing) how long it usually takes to load/unload a bus how long busses usually wait in the lot after having loaded or unloaded the students. This could range from simple to extremely complex depending on how far you want to take it.

Also, in many high schools the changing of classes happens at one time for all classes. This leads to terrible congestion in the halls between periods. You could take a stab at a interstitial class scheduling to alleviate some of the congestion in the halls.

Both of these descriptions assume some level of scheduling but you could build the program without having to implement scheduling algorithms. You could just model the way things are done currently and leave an interface to something that could be used to modify that.

Thanks both of you guys . Especially L7sqr .