I am creating the program, But I am tired with the regular form look.
I want some theme that can change the look of my program.
Last I Used the Influence Theme. (Thats great) But want some new theme.
(Credit will given as mentioned in the program.)

From where can i get ???
I search on google. but not helpfull ....

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Why don't you start with WPF? Windows Presentation Foundation.

i cant understand WPF...
I watch 2-3 video, 1 msdnlink, and codeproject but all went wrong. (I simply dont understand it)

So i want some theme for VB.net (Win. form app.)
BTW thank you ddanbe

Yes, WPF can give you a very hard time. I still struggle with it.(in C#) But I know that if you get it under control, amazing things can be done with it.

Yeah you are correct (ddanbe),
Because those videos I watched then I eager to know more about WPF.
but for Right now it hard to do. and this may result in delay of my project so right now I just want temporary theme untill I learn WPF....

I know this is an old thread Deep, but I started playing around with WPF a couple of months ago, within a day I'd managed to create a really nice navigation system. I strongly urge you to persue WPF in the future... Even if it's not WPF than XAML with a different UI

Here's a video I posted to give an example Click Here

Can u please teach me this ...?????

... I've not taught myself yet hahahaaaa (not enough to teach). In addition, I'm pretty old school. Instead of using blends clever ui all the effects and storyboards are in code. I can send you a link to a great tutorial series i found on youtube. I'll post it when I get home

commented: Ok, Send me this type of links, i really enjoy to study this. if this is in simple english +4

Here's those tutorials I was talking about, they're really good and helped me get straight into WPF Click Here

Ok, I will get to it....

I know this thread is a bit old but what I just thought when reading your thread is that you can create let's say pics using your preference graphic design program such as CorelDraw for all your kind of themes you want to offer, remember the pics must correspond to your UI and then "This is a thought" you can create a text file on resources and then on this file just write maybe a name theme1 to reflect that when the program loads it should use theme 1 and then you will need to code it that if the text file contains this word which theme the program should use, where is it located and so on. This may require extra knowledge on edges the X and Y so that you will be able to either stretch the pics to fit or to use the correct cut ted pics to fit the size.

I haven't tried this yet

But you tell me I should create text file in resource with naming (Theme1)

But I dont get where tyhe coding and how to save this?

No you can name the text file any name you want but inside write for instance if the user chooses theme 1 then you can write any thing in text file that will indicate that the user has chosen this them so I made an example that you write a text theme1 then you can have an if statement checking which theme the user has choose like this

 Dim MyTheme As String
 MyTheme = My.Resources.MyTextFile.ToString ' Not 100% sure with this line I will verify it when I'm home.
 If MyTheme = "theme1" Then
 ' Load the pictures that represent the 1st theme here.
 If MyTheme = "theme2" Then
 ' Load the pictures that represent the 2nd theme here
 And so on

The pictures that represents the themes can be loaded as resources.

Hope this enlighten you on this.

I suppose if you had three themes and three sets of pre-rendered images you could load each set into it's own ImageList ensuring that each image in each list is the same (eg ImageList1 Index 0 = ButtonBack_Green, ImageList2 Index 0 = ButtonBack_Blue)

Then all you would need to do on a theme change is iterate through the themed controls and change it's Images Collection to the relevant ImageList.

This all seems very old school though, and overriding the WinForms UI objects is a lengthy process... also assuming you're a whizz with graphic design and it's various IDEs.

Then if you decide to change the design you have to start all over again creating the set's of images.

This is why WPF got created, why ddanbe suggested it and I agreed.

These things don't happen over night my friend. small steps, small steps.

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