I want to develope games as an indie dev. But I'm really lost in this giant sea of programming languages and terms I don't really understand.

I've sorta used programs like GameMaker & ClickTeam Fusion 2.5. I was terrible with GameMaker and never touched the GM Language. I've done a lot better with Fusion 2.5 but I fear if I ever release a game on Steam it's going to go badly. I've been watching games be released using Fusion 2.5 for months now and most have the same complaints and problems and end with bad reviews/experiences.

I'm interested in developing a wide range of games from RTS, Sims, City Builders to RPG's. My main focus is 2D I don't do my own art, music/sounds ect.

I'd like the possiblilty to add multiplayer to games but have 0 understanding of how net stuff works. 3D is not completly off the table but it's not something I want to focus on now. I'd like to be able to program for Windows/Mac/Linux but don't have any OS other than windows and have never used a different OS.

I'd like to understand what Graphics Engine/Game Engine actually mean and how they differ in terms of programing.

I've recently started learning to use ini's in CTF 2.5 but I don't really have a understanding on files/file types/paths ect.

I hope that I've given enough information for people to help me get started.

I want to add some personal stuff, I'm Autistic/ADD/Dyslexic My education is pretty terrible and I am looking for adult programs to help me get to a 12th grade level. But I wanted you to know that I do have problems so that maybe you can consider these things when answering. If I were to choose one type of genre it would be simulation.

I look forward to your replies


My recomedation would to be stay away from those "pre-made" packages, and learn traditional programming first. If you try to jump into game development with "pre-made" tools and not understanding the foundations of programming, the game you make will be more "artificial", not to mention you won't be able to handle complicated mechanics when they appear.

Read through this thread perhaps for my own advise.