Is there a way to get adress of beginnig of my program in operative memory while it executing?

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Thank you for help Narue.
You help me a lot.
I don't want to hurt your feelings, so I admit that you newer wrongs.

Instead of trying to be a smartass, you could answer my question. You see, I could give you an answer that's equally vague and completely useless, or I could make an attempt to help you by gathering enough information to properly answer your question. But if you want to be an ass about it, I won't help you at all.

By asking why, I can determine if you even need to do what you want. If not (which is likely), I can offer a much simpler and more portable alternative. This sidesteps the issue entirely. But you apparently aren't smart enough to realize that, so you fall back on being a jerk.

Sory Narue. I was so stupid. I thougt that you want to say that my question is nessesery and stupid. I am realy a jerk. Please acsept my apologize. I can describe to you how i am feeling because i was so unpleasant. Please sory. I realy don't deserve forgiveness from you.
I ask this question because i need to calculate offset of some variable that was alocated in program while it was compiling. If i know this i practicly know adress of that variable on hard disk so i can change it without running program. But when i think a little bit it is realy unnessesery. Please sory because my English is so bad.

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