thanks all for help
im new in the website and i dont even know how to use it well
im not a cheater or any thing else
and i will not copy past any thing !!
Im here just to learn

OK. Nobody here thinks you are a cheater, so don't worry.
People suggested that the "complete solution" that someone else posted could be an encouragement to cheat, but nobody suggested that you copied it.
You're here to learn, so are we all. Let's just keep helping each other.

On this site, it is better to post your questions about problems you are having with your code than to post the assignment given to you by your instructor. You are expected to put in an effort first, and to show that you have done so. We are all glad to help, but the effort to do your programming assignments should come primarily from you.

Posting the instructor's assignment text with your question might help us better understand the context of your question. But the focus should be on us helping you do your assignment, not on us doing the assignment for you and giving or showing you the result.

So the first thing you should always do is to attempt to do the assignment yourself. And should you have problems, we would be glad to help you overcome the problems.

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