Hello guys, okay?
I have a problem and I wonder if anyone can help me.
Well, as the title of the topic says, the problem is about the C language, and more specifically on GUI.

I made a C program it is working and everything is ok. But the problem is that it is in black screen, and I would be leaving him with a graphical interface.
What I wanted was to continue with the same program but with an interface.
The program is simple, it opens two files, the user provides two parameters in string form and then the program generates an output file with the results of the analysis of the two.
I would like to make these parts stay with graphical interface.
Does anyone have any suggestions? some video-lesson, book, book subject.

Thank you in advance!

Don't know if a graphical UI for C exists.
But what I do know is that transforming a console app to a graphical app requires a great deal of code rewriting. Hope this helps a bit.

The GUI will depend on operating system. Here's a tutorial for win32 api (MS-Windows).

I have a little list here. Some of them are for C.

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