The situation is I have to protect him now projects that reflect the sea is calling to fix security flaws in web

Eg when running web path

http://localhost:60864/DO_AN/Form_BA...px?MaBaiHat=11 (will appear 11 songs)
and he asks that if anyone entered

http://localhost:60864/DO_AN/Form_BA...aspx?MaBaiHat = '



web will surely fail immediately and ask them to remedy this error.

And also asked to make up their web network.

1 thing is that when people type in http://localhost:60864/DO_AN/ will see his form and took the code and data (images, for example) how to minimize this.
So I ask you any experience with their teacher at the only school I have not learned about these things but do not have time anymore

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The problem is with your code, not ASP.Net. Further more, it is impossible to help you without a clear explination of the problems, or the code itself.


First of all disable Directory browsing from IIS or the web.config. Second check on page load event the query strings of the page and act accordingly.

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