In my project developed for using asp.net with vb.net coding. Now we need to performace testing using the Jmeter tool. we can't able to test because in my application lot of session variable used, Jmeter tool does not support session variables i think.

Check with debugging:
1.Assign the session(userName) ="abc" then goes to next page, then check value same session vaule as nothing. anyone can help me for solve this issue.


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I am assuming you mean ASP.NET?

From my undertanding JMetere deosn't support vb, because it is meant to test servers/scripts and any web based content.


After doing some looking around, I think you are going to have a slim to none chance of using Jmeter with ASP.NET

It seems that the viewstate of ASP.NET doesn't allow the Jmeter scripts to execute properly. You might want to look into another form of load testing your web application.

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ASP.NET web applications use viewstate as page-level state management mechanism so at least VIEWSTATE dynamic mandatory parameter needs to be extracted from each response and added as a parameter to next response. See ASP.NET Login Testing with JMeter guide for complete walkthrough on correlation.

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