hallo good people am new to ASP.NET but well versed with VB.NET(VisualStudio 2010 ) my question is is there a way can i convert an application i have developed in vb.net to ASP.net to ba a web application and if yes what is the procedure????
My other question is can someone kindly assist me with step to step of how to create my first vb,ASP.net project since am new to web applications and want to migrate to web based systems

Thank you all in advance

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There is nothing built into Visual Studio that I'm aware of that will take a windows form app and convert it over to an asp.net web application. There are things that arent going to be compatiable. However, that doesnt mean you have to start from scratch.

You can start by creating a new blank web application and create the pages you will need. Add the controls to the page and then use the code you developed in your windows form app and copy that vb.net code to your code-behind pages and place the code blocks in the appropriate event handlers.

I made it sound easider than it is, of course it can be done once you get the handle on asp.net controls.

step to step of how to create my first vb,ASP.net project

If you visit http://asp.net you wil find quite a bit of guides, tutorials, and videos.

yes i recommand you visit asp.net web , it have good message , my website <snip> Many problems are solved by him

Thanks alot &achinaseller and &JorgeM i sure will give it a trie and revert

Yes, I know of a tool that can convert your VB.NET application to ASP.NET. It is called Transposition and it rearchitect your single user C/S app for mobile and multi users. It refactors your source code to .NET best practices and redesigns legacy UI and UX. It does this through patented compiler algorithms and an advanced Integrated Development Environment saving you time, money and headaches.
check out the site for more info: http://www.gizmox.com/products/transposition/

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