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I want to develop a video conferencing project in java.For that i have spent some time to try recording video in java.But i finally thought to get some help.I have tried using JMF.My system OS is Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit.Any Knowledge would be helpful.


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JMF is old and never received much love from Sun or Oracle. It never worked properly, and never will because Java 8 includes JavaFX, which is the future of multi-media GUIs in Java.
I would recommend you forget JMF and look at JavaFX - there's lots of stuff on the web, but check the dates because there were earlier versions of JavaFX that were quite different. You need the Java 8 (2014) version.


Thanks, I have installed Java 8.But Are there any tutorial for capturing webcam with JavaFX so that i can learn.Also tell me if i can get some help from you in near future regarding this.


Thanks,If Still anyone find something more helpful then please tell me about it.


If you want to record video from a webcam you can use this If you want to record the user's monitor, you can use the Robot class or use JNI with a DLL for lower level recording (offers better speed). You can also use JNA to record the screen with OS APIs which might be easier.


As part of a First Robotics project (FRC) I placed a live video feed from a web cam mounted to a servo inside of a swing application (without recording the video). This was done using the SmartDashboard. It's all open source, so you might be able to grab the code and find what you need.

I have never done video capture, but it's supported in JavaFX 8; you can watch a video here. Jump to minute 39 to see video capture.

For learning JavaFX, I found the Oracle tutorials helpful.
I also read a few chapter of Pro Java FX 2, which I managed to get my local library to purchase.

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