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I was just reading another article on video recording using AVICAP32 this shows how to use this library to record video from a video device such as webcam but what I would like to know is that how can I record internal video, I want to record my computer and also mouse movements when for instant I press control then move the mouse the recording can zoom and focus where the mouse is pointing.

And idea on how I could do this?

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Here is a project posted on VBForums that will complete that task. You can study it in detail to get an idea for creating your own.


thanks that helped a lot now just curious of how to embed audio to this video or how to record with an audio

Any idea of how to embed the audio?

I have a program that can only record audio so I was thinking of like combining the video recorder with an audio recorder like this:
I have form1 which is previewing the webcam and I have added form2 and used the source code that I found on that link you gave me so for now it can record a video because I set the form1 to always be on top and it is of



so it appears on the bottom right corner on my laptop and the form2 record the screen which also record the previewed webcam so it record two videos to one video just like how most of the tutorial videos are.

Now I was thinking of adding the third form or just start the audio record when I click start vid record so yes that will record the video and the audio at the same time but I think it will take a bit of memory and also how will I combine the audio and the video.

Another thing with my preview or webcam capture how can I flip the image because when I preview it and by watching at the preview screen while previewing if I move my right hand up it will raise the right hand but on the left side, I want it to reflect just like a mirror on the mirror when u stand infront of it and move your right hand side the mirror will reflect correctly and if you move your right hand towards the mirror it will be like the real hand will touch the reflected hand on the mirror it all goes to the same side but on my preview the right hand will not reflect it I move my hand towards the camera it like I will touch the left hand side but I want it to reflect so that it will be like the right hand will touch the right hand.

Thank you

As I've stated, I wanted to do this in vb, the only problem is recording video in combination with audio.

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