how can i download the c++ software, like turbo c
can any one give me the link?

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Here is a link presenting various options.

Decide now which operating system you're using (windows or other), and decide if you want an IDE or if you want to do your own compiling/linking, and then pick one from the list.

turbo c++ is too old, i bet nobody use it
try a new compiler, Visual Studio is very good.

if your teacher asked you to use Turbo C++ then use it if you don't care about being a good programmer in the future.

i'm studying Communication engineering(however i don't like it but my marks wasn't good in high school thats way i had no other way except accept it) we had a c++ leacture in first year
my teacher asked us to use Turbo C++ but i used Visual Studio instead however it cost me to lose some marks but i'm happy i didn't follow him :D

commented: yeah i know its an old tool to use i prefer dev c++ , bcz m a new programer so i think its beest for now +0

Another good option for Windows is Cygwin which will provide you with a full Unix environment to work in.

Probably the easiest answer is just to get CodeBlocks.

And also, do not use Turbo C++, it is way too outdated to be relevant or worth using. This is a very old IDE that uses a pre-standard C++ compiler. Do not use it. And if it was recommended to you by your teacher, tell him that he should update his 20 year old (or more) course program, because C++ has changed a lot in the past 20 years (including 4 revisions of the standard).

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