what is the difference between this packages in Eclipse?Im beginner in java which package should i download.
Luna Packages
Kepler Packages
Juno Packages
Indigo Packages
Helios Packages
Galileo Packages
Ganymede Packages
Europa Packages

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As I recall, these are the names of the various releases of Eclipse. Get the latest stable release and you should be ok. I think they are in alphabetical order, so Luna should be the latest.

Yes, they are all the old versions. Just download the latest (Luna) and ignore all the others.

Go with Luna unless you need a plug-in that has not been updated for Luna yet. I had such problem with Scala IDE and had to settle on pre-release version.

Thank you

There can be a good reason to use an older version, and that's that everyone else on your team uses that specific version.
Project files often aren't compatible between versions, and neither are plugins, so you may be stuck on an older versions.

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