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I haven't had any programming lessons in college since I was in the business course. However, I've always wanted to learn programming and create games and applications. May I ask for help on how to start? A few resources or text to read will be of great help. Thank you!

My personal suggestion is Racket and the textbook How To Design Programs, which is what a lot of the top computer science schools in the world start out with. It's a very simple language, but it forces you to think in a particular way that's very flexible (it's a generalization of most of the programming you'll use), which will put you ahead in terms of implementing harder algorithms.

Just keep this in the back of your head: There are really 2 parts to programming. The first is programming languages, and the second is problem solving. Problem solving is transferrable to any programming language. Just keep in the back of your head that your learning two things at once. (Some novices might think, for example, that I memorize each algorithm for each programming language, where I really just learn each algorithm once (or invent an algorithm all togeather) and each programming language once.)

Dear Hiroshe,

Thank you so much for your generous reply.

I should mention that that's just my personal suggestion. There are others that I think will bring you to the same result.

Dear Hiroshe,

I already downloaded racket and I started reading the textbook. If I may ask, the racket will be my practical application of what the textbook will tell me do as a form of exercise?

Yup. "Dr. Racket" is where you can enter in your programs and see them work!

The second edition of the textbook has some information on how to use "Dr. Racket" in the beggining I beleive.

It's pretty simple though. You enter the program in the top part, and press the "play" button to run the program. You can interract with the program in the bottom part. Make sure you set the language to "Beginning student", or whatever level your on.

For example, here's a simple factorial program:


You were right. The second edition has a tutorial in using Dr. Racket. Thank you so much. It really means a lot to me.

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