I am in the process of converting a program from vb 6 to VB.Net. I am taking a large amount of data and placing it in the proper sql collum.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I am getting this error code here:

If ExistsInrsTemp("NextMthDue") = True Then

If InStr(NullSafeValue(rsTemp, "NextMthDue"), "/") > 1 Then
 Mid(sDocTrans, 43, 2) = Format(CInt(Left(NullSafeValue(rsTemp, "NextMthDue"), InStr(NullSafeValue(rsTemp, "NextMthDue"), "/") - 1)), "00")

 Mid(sDocTrans, 45, 2) = Format(CInt(Mid(NullSafeValue(rsTemp, "NextMthDue"), InStr(NullSafeValue(rsTemp, "NextMthDue"), "/") + 1)), "00")

End if 

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"_0" is not an integer. Strip off the underscore before you try to convert.

Thank you. I did some reseach, and the user entered the wrong vaule.

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