1. (Practice) Determine a step-by-step procedure (list the steps) for each of the following tasks:
    Note: There’s no single correct answer for each task. This exercise is designed to give you practice in
    converting heuristic commands into equivalent algorithms and understanding the differences between
    the thought processes involved.
    3The source code you enter is manipulated and stored as ASCII text (see Section 2.1), so if you’re using a commercial word-processing
    program, you must save source code files in text format.
    12 Getting Started
    a. Fix a flat tire.
    b. Make a phone call.
    c. Go to the store and purchase a loaf of bread.
    d. Roast a turkey.
  2. (Practice) Determine and write an algorithm (list the steps) to interchange the contents of
    two cups of liquid. Assume that a third cup is available to hold the contents of either cup temporarily.
    Each cup should be rinsed before any new liquid is poured into it.
  3. (Practice) Write a detailed set of instructions in English to calculate the dollar amount of
    money in a piggybank that contains h half-dollars, q quarters, n nickels, d dimes, and p pennies.
  4. (Practice) Write a set of detailed, step-by-step instructions in English to find the smallest
    number in a group of three integer numbers.

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No thanks, I've had enough practice by now.

So what seams to be your issue? No one is going to just answer this for you.

So what seams to be your issue? No one is going to just answer this for you.

Does he even want an answer? Just looks like a set of textbook exersises for us to complete? I'm good thanks.

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