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Welcome! I'll also put in some input. When I first got started, I actually used what du_1 mentioned. It was a little hard to understand some of it because it is written in the UK, but it did help. A couple other resources I would recommend is Microsoft Virtual Academy, one thing about me is I absolutely love learning from books. I can highlight, write in it, and so one while I learn. After I learned the basics, I bought a book by Andrew Troelsen: Pro C# 5.0 and the .NET 4.5 Framework. Excellent book! After studying about 3 months, I then was able to get my first junior c# dev job. Study hard and you'll be on your way! By the way, Visual Studio Community is a free version of Visual Studio that Microsoft just came out with. It is just like VS Professional except free. So if you've got express, I'd switch it out with the community version. Happy studying!

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