Dear forum i would like some advices regarding a calendar in vb net and mysql(wamp)..

So my question is to suggest some approaches to achieve this result.

I have thought on creating just one datagrid and apply some css style,but the problem is that it will show all result in the datagrid and not those of just one day.

Thank you in advance

You haven't mentioned what result you are after...
Do you just need a calendar control? Because they exist in .Net.

This is what i want to achieve.
To the left to have the calendar controls and to the right the text notes.

Apart from third party controls. I think must of the work here would need to be done, either as a collection of controls built into a user control (Not recommecnded as it will become clunky and unreponsive pretty fast) or actually build your own version using GDI+. Basically, what you could be dooing is drawing everything onto a canvas (including text etc) After that you will need to measure mouse locations and progmatically introduce Mouse-Hit areas for clickable items.

It would be a lot of effort, but a wonderful and respectable excercise.

here is a very basic intro to using GDI+, but there are thousands of other examples

Click Here

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