Ok so I completed my hangman code but now I have to read the words from a .txt. I have looked at numerous codes and examples but cant get it to work at all. Any help I would be grateful.

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <algorithm>
#include <ctime>

using namespace std;

string GuessWord;
int missed;
string HiddenWord;
string used;

bool match(char letter, string word);
char askGuess(string usedLettersStr);
bool PlayAgain();

int main()
    //  I had a real hard time getting all the features of the game to work correctly together.  After hours of fixing one thing while messing up another ,
    //  I asked my nephew to take a look at it.  He suggested using the "vector<string>words" instead of "string words[]" to help keep track of the size of the word.   
    //  I didn't think it would be a problem since vectors are covered in the book and you said we could use things not directly taught through the book. 
    vector<string> words;

    bool done = false;
        //Radomize words
        random_shuffle(words.begin(), words.end());
        //Word to guess
        GuessWord = words[0];
        //Hide word
        HiddenWord = string(GuessWord.size(), '*');
        used = "";

        while (HiddenWord != GuessWord)

            used += askGuess(used);
    } while (PlayAgain());

    return 0;
inline bool match(char letter, string word)
    return (word.find(letter) != string::npos);
//Keep track of guesses
char askGuess(string usedLettersStr)
    char guess;
    cout << "(Guess) Enter a letter in word " << HiddenWord << " > ";
    cin >> guess;
    guess = tolower(guess);
    //Repeated guess
    while (match(guess, used))
        cout << "    " << guess << " is already in the word" << endl;
        cout << "(Guess) Enter a letter in word " << HiddenWord << " > " << endl;
        cin >> guess;
        guess = tolower(guess);

    //Good Guess (replace asterisks with letter)
    if (match(guess, GuessWord))

        cout << "(Guess) Enter a letter in word " << HiddenWord << " > " << endl;

        for (int i = 0; i < GuessWord.length(); ++i)
            if (GuessWord[i] == guess)
                HiddenWord[i] = guess;
    //Bad Guess
    if (!match(guess, GuessWord))
        cout << "    " << guess << " is not in the word." << endl;
    return guess;
//End game and aske to play again
bool PlayAgain()
    char again;
    cout << "The word is " << GuessWord << ".  You missed " << missed << " time(s)" << endl;
    cout << "\n\nDo you want to guess for another word?  Enter y or n ";
    cin >> again;

    cin.clear(); //clear and ignore cin

    again = tolower(again);


    return (again == 'y');

It depends quite a bit on the contents of your file. Let's say that the file looks like this:


Then you would replace your push_back calls with something like this:

ifstream in("words.txt");

if (in)
    string line;

    while (getline(in, line))

It would be easier to show you where you're going wrong if your code actually had an attempt to read the file. ;)

Thank you very much! I have probably spent 40+ hours programming since tuesday and was having a lack of brain activity last night. With the semester being over in 14 days I want to get all my programs dones before we return after thanksgiving so i can focus on calc 3 and physics 2. I figured it out in about 10 min this morning. I really do appreciate the help from everyone on this site and I am glad I found it.