I want to create the program for teaching program.
In this I want to add the Topics which is almost of 50-60 now the things is that I am not using the Tabs.
I use the Menu bar in which i add the object as "TOPIC" and under this I add sub topic.

So what I want is to redirect to that topic.
How this Possible.?

Any Idea. and If possible then I can use Listbox for topics too...

You might consider a TreeView control. Here is an explanation of it in vb.NET

No sir, I am not having question with this (treeview)
My exact problem is
How can I change all the things from form,
I Mean I want to call all the Content from other Files. (it may be txt or else)

So if I understand this well, you want to click on a topic and you like to open a file with info about that topic and show it in a form?

You could put your topics in a list or treeview if you have subtopics. Set up a Dictionary with as key your chosen topic and as value a path string to the topic info file. Now open the file and display the contents in a form.

So what I do in some of my programs is to read the filenames from a directory and add the found filenames to a listbox. The user clicks on a name in the listbox and the file opens - in my case at the moment access databases. Is this the scenario you have in your mind?

ddanbe and minimalist: i agree with you,
But my actual topic is How can I include all topic :
I mean I have limited space ok.
but I am having lots of topics. Each topic will include almost one page.
I am having the two panel one as HOME and other as "any topic"
whenever I select any topic then how can I get all the details on that panel.?

I decide to add label and header label; and audio but some label are small and some are big so what happens so you can understand what happen with me.

I need to enter the location of label and too and Fonts too...

where at some area I also required to enter the TABLE. and all so thic is my big problem, If possible then I can explain this on Skype or teamviewer too...

Perhaps you could use a TabControl. Here is how to use it.

Well if you are not intending to change your mind to use TreeView, or Tab then I believe you can use Minimalist's idea but what I could suggest is that you can create the text files and put them on your project Resources name as each topic then you can search them on startup and for each found file create a menu button the same way you want it and you can place a control on the body of the form that you will use to display the texts on the selected topic file.

Note that you will have to create the buttons on startup if the texts files will be updated at a later stage or if there won't be any updates meaning new files that will be added via download then you can manually create the buttons and only assign the names you can also hard code the file location if that is the case but if it will add text files later you need to automate it because you don't know what will be the name of those future files.

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