Hello to all! My question is that can we develop a real time datawarehouse on VB.net? Or should i use Java? In other words, has VB.net such functionalities of features which can make a real-time data warehouse?

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This is absolutely possible! It will all depend apon your coding skills!

It would be just as simple as connecting to the multiple databases at once. Possibly even using threads for data manipulation.

Yeah it is possible, just make sure you secure your application, since if you wish to connect to remote Database example Mysql, dont bother using mysql connector and storing database info in source since it can get easy decompiled and could anyone grab your Database. Better solution of it is using vB.net to send data to php script and using php script to connect and read/store data to mysql db :)

Thanks for your answers. I have one more question, can we send data from Vb.net to XML script instead of php?

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