I want to get the occurence of the symbol ';' for each line of this C program. I type the name of the file Source.c and try to count the occuring symbol, but i am getting the value for ALL of the ';' for each line.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <conio.h>/* For exit() function */

int main()

   char file_name[150];
   FILE *file2 = 0;


      int rows = 1;//broq na vsichki redove

      int dotcoma[150];
      int j;
      int c=0;

      file2 = fopen(file_name, "r");//otvarq faial za chetene
      if (file2 == NULL){
         printf("Cannot open %s\n", file_name);

      for (j = 0; j < 150; j++)

         c = fgetc(file2);
         if (c == '\n') rows++;

         if (';' == c)

            dotcoma[rows-1] ++;

      } while (c != EOF);//chete do kraq na faila

      if (ferror(file2)){
         printf("Error reading file.\n");


      printf("The number of the symbols on a row ");
      printf("Row %d: %f\n", j + 1, (float)dotcoma[j]);


   if (fclose(file2) == EOF){
      printf("Cannot close %s\n", file_name);

   return 0;

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If you want to count the total numbers of ; in your file, don't use an array int dotcoma[150], just use a simple variable int dotcoma and increment it when you find a ;.
On the contrary, if you want to count the number of ; on each line, do what you are doing but, at the end, print all the array.

Yes, but that way i will get ALL the ';' for each line if i use it as a int only.

Your problem is that you are printing the number of semicolons (which is the correct name for 'dotcoma', its like a colon (':') but only half ';')

The line in question is

printf("Row %d: %f\n", j+1, (float)dotcoma[j]);

The issue here is three-fold.
1: j is uninitialized, some compilers will set j as 0, others as garbage, either way, its not what you want.
2: you cast dotcoma[j] to a float, this works but is terribly silly.
3: this line is not in a loop.

The solution will have to look something like this:

for (j= (|Insert start value here!|); j< (|Insert end value here!|); ++j)
    printf("Row %d: %d\n", j+1, dotcoma[j]);

Other than that, I would recommend consistent comparisons, either use c=='x' or 'x'==c but please don't switch between the two.

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