I’m creating an e-learning system on vb.net/2010.This system gives quizzes on students.

I know how to save/retrieve data on mysql server using xampp but i need to display the score of all the students on the website and this website needs to be live. Now my problems are

1)How to make the website live using xampp?

2)What is more efficient making an e-learning system via network or via internet??

Note:Please make your comments/explanation as simple as possible because im only a beginner and Please include some REFERENCE SITE/TUTORIAL SITE

i don't think using .net is a good idea for a web connected app, c++ is much more better.

But you still can send this data online to a database and use php to read the sql server everytime the page is loaded.
In xampp, if you are using localhost as server address then change localhost to your live server address


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