I'm making some "cleanup" changes to my 1st VB.net project that I'm publishing. The project has an "Assembly Name". But I've just realized that the Root Namespace has the default name of "WindowsApplication1". I've got to believe this needs to be changed. How important is the name I put here? Is there any specific "naming convention" that I should use? Is this going to change anything to my project (where it will now be found, it's "file name", etc.)?

As always, thanks for the help.


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Is this going to change anything to my project (where it will now be found, it's "file name", etc.)?

No changes to the project file name or location. Your classes, though, will automatically belong to the new namespace unless you're specifying namespaces manually (I'm guessing you're not).

This prompts the question then: If I change it now, will I disrupt anything? Would it be best just to leave things alone and do nothing with this first program?

Thanks again.


You can give your project a meaningfull name at the time when you have tried to create a New Project. you can also specify the location to save your project in your desired Drive and Subfolder. VB tries to create a folder of the name same as your project name in your specified folder, in which the project files would be saved, if you already checked the option "create directory of solution. If not, the project would be saved in your desired folder.
My point of view, leave the assembly alone. Don't chage its name, it would be a cause for an exception.

OK... I won't change anything with this one. But I will certainly remember this the next time I build one.

Thank you everyone. This has been a enjoyable learning experience.


At this point, there is not much point in trying to rename your project's Namespace, unless you have a real need to do so. The users of your application will not know what the namespace names are, so generally, it is not that important to change it at this point. For future projects, define your naming convention and stick to it, to make future projects easier to maintain, especially for projects that you will be sharing the source code with others.

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