hi all,
i want to convert array of short to array of bytes in order to send it in Datagram Packet and then convert it from bytes to short

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Obviously you can use bitwize operations to separate out the two bytes of each short and store them into consecutive elements of a byte array (and vice-versa), but does anyone know a smarter solution?

could you please tell me how bitwise operation and does this operation affects the bits inside because i am dealing with audio file or tell me how i can send array of short using DatagramPacket

Use bitwize shift right 8 to leave just the first 8 bits, and put those in a byte
Use bitwize AND to mask just the last 8 bits, and put those in the next byte

reverse the process to join those 2 bytes back into a short.

Doesn't matter what the data is, that will faithfully convert a short[n] to a byte[2*n], and back again

here is the code toconvert array of short to array of byte

byte [] ShortToByte_Twiddle_Method(short [] input)
  int short_index, byte_index;
  int iterations = input.length;

  byte [] buffer = new byte[input.length * 2];

  short_index = byte_index = 0;

  for(/*NOP*/; short_index != iterations; /*NOP*/)
    buffer[byte_index]     = (byte) (input[short_index] & 0x00FF); 
    buffer[byte_index + 1] = (byte) ((input[short_index] & 0xFF00) >> 8);

    ++short_index; byte_index += 2;

  return buffer;

but now i want to know how to convert array of byte to array of short

thanks inadvance

commented: Posting someone else's code without proper attribution. Lazy cheat. -3

Instead of copying code from the web and implying that it's yours, why not try writing some code yourself.

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i did not say that's my code in any way i said here is the code to convert array of short to array of byte so i did not imply it is my code , if you could help i will be thankful if not i suggest to stop giving me advice

You posted someone else's code without permission, in violation of the Member Rules. I am not advising you, I am warning you. Write yor own code, and post that.

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