Based on types of riding bicycles can be classified into different categories such as Touring bike, Mountain bike, cruising bike and so on. Though there are different bicycles there are some properties shared among many of them, for instance each them has its own color, number of gears, brand. On the other hand all bikes allow their user to ride, accelerating and decelerating.
Though there are a lot shared by these bikes each of them has been specifically devised for producing a comfort and more utility riding on a certain kind of use than others.
Construct a Bicycle class and from it derive TouringBike, MountainBike, use output statement to output what the bicycle is doing when a particular method is invoked. Write riding function should be a virtual function that shows an area where the bicycle is the best to ride compared to other, for instance on MountainBike the method can print a message similar to “The bicycle is climbing the mountain”.
Write a main function that creates array of bicycles that includes one TouringBike, one and one Mountain bike, the program should then loop through the array and invoke the riding method for appropriate message.

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