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i know about that, but i dont know how to start this work...very blur,i dont know how to make it myself to understand about coding....many time i try to understand,but if i got individual assignment,i never can do it...hmmm im sorry


ok,do you have any examples about my questions? mybe from the examples, i can slowly try to finish up my exercise....


Nothing beats study, effort, and try, try again to learn difficult new concepts. As James said, we DO NOT do your homework for you. Maybe you are in the wrong study area if you are unable to learn basic programming concepts.

As a sop, this is how a loop works:

condition = 100
value = 0
until value equals condition, do this
    value = value + 1

This will loop 100 times until value has been incremented to 100, which is the terminating condition.

The "code" above is what we would call pseudo-code. It is not in any programming language specifically, but can be easily implemented in any of them.

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