Hi everybody.

I have problem with .pack() and .grid().

I have to use this line:

    mywin.pack(fill=BOTH, expand=YES)

I have used .grid every where on my file but now here i have copied a pice of code from some where and have pasted to my file, as you see it has used .pack().
I can't change all .grid() to .pack() because it's difficult for me to use .pack() when i want to set for example the place and direction of buttons, so i use .grid() options like row and column.

And if i change that line, that .pack() to .grid(), it doesn't work.
So what should i do?

(Thats the reason i don't like Tkinter at all, it's not friendly.)

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Another question. (for using .pack())

I want a Label to be on the top, then an Entry box under the Label and then 3 Buttons under the Ebtry box. (3 Buttons are placed side by side).

How can i do that with using .pack()?
I have used "side = LEFT" for all of them, it put 3 Buttons side wich is ok but the Label and Entry box and 3 Buttons are all placed side by side in one line!

With using .grid() i could use row and culomn and set them but just because of the first question i have asked above, i can't use .grid() and have to use .pack().
If the first question get solved, i could use .grid() options for placing Label and Entry box and Buttons.


To create the layout you want use frames ...

''' tk_frame_pack101.py
use Tkinter frames for different pack() layouts

# for Python3 change Tkinter to tkinter
import Tkinter as tk

root = tk.Tk()

frame1 = tk.Frame()
frame2 = tk.Frame()
frame1.pack(side='top')  # side='top' is default

# these widgets go into frame1
label = tk.Label(frame1, text="Enter your name:")
entry = tk.Entry(frame1)

# these widgets go into frame2
btn1 = tk.Button(frame2, text='button1')
btn2 = tk.Button(frame2, text='button2')
btn3 = tk.Button(frame2, text='button3')

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