I have been working on role based access control in cloud for which I have coded some java programs. I would like to upload and run those java programs on a real-time cloud. I have no idea about uploading a "file" onto the cloud although i have a decent knowledge on uploading the boot images on them. Is there any way to run my programs on a real-time cloud like cloudstack,openstack,eucalyptus etc.? I am currently working on ubuntu cloud(maas).

I am not sure what do you mean or understand by 'cloud' but you can run say a server written in java on a VPS(vurtual private server) and then connect to it. Such an example is say you implement a chatting program using java sockets, and you run the server on a vps with an IP ""(just example IP address) and port 1337. Once the server is up and running, you can use a client program to connect to that IP address and the port that the server is listening on. Sockets are just a tcp connection and you don't have to worry about it as they take care of it.
Another approach to reach the same goal is using Java RMI(Remote object invocation), where I would think it might be better for your specific problem. What you could do there is implement all your methods on the server side and then just send flags as authenticated/permission approved/permission denied back to the client. If its not just a school project, you should consider implementing the traffic from a client to the server using SSL/TLS as the communication will be encrypted thus credentials being sent to the server won't be visible in plain text

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