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I was looking for a understandable example to the problem "How marshalling happens when it comes C# from C++ specially for structure", And i am glad that i got a nice example in this forum.

However, i am in problem when it comes to pointer to structure. Let me put some samples here;


struct Dept
   int dept_no;
   char name[24];

struct Emp
   int emp_no;
   int emp_name[24];
   struct Dept *stDept;

In above example, the problem line is "struct Dept *stDept;".

I would like to inform you that i am able to solve below pointer involvement:

Example: Working code

C++ : void* hThreadHandle;
C# : public IntPtr hThreadHandle;

Example: Not working code

struct Dept *stDept;

Thanks in advance for reply.

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You can only work with pointers in C#, if you put the code in an unsafe block.
Plus, you must mark it also in the build tab of the properties window of your project.
Hope it helps.

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