Hi all,
I was recently having a look at the pywin32 module and found a multitude of approaches on how to find the color of a pixel given its coordinates, but was wondering if there was a way to find the coordinate of a pixel given its particular color, either as an rgb tuple or hex vlaue.
any help is greatly appreciated

What relation could there possibly exist between coordinates and RGB values?
Unless, you have another definition of coordinates than me.

What I meant is how would one generate a list of coordinates of pixels of a particular color. The end effect I'm trying to achieve is to have the program be able to find the location of a particular color on screen, and then clicking on it. The clicking etc I understand how to do, yet the only method I know of finding the location of a colour would be to take a screenshot of the pixel at (0,0), check if it's colour matches the one I have predetermined, and then iterate across and down the screen with a loop function or something, which is massively slow.
Thanks for your help:)

cheers for all the helps guys, got it working by using PIL, it now takes a screenshot and checks for pixels in a color range, saving the coordinates and then clicking on them later:) thanks again for your assisstance!

Im also working a project that requires finding the coordinates of a certain color on the screen and am stuck on the same part as you it would be helpful if you could let me know how you did this

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