Hi I have code in VBA i want to convert it to VB.NET
the code

  Dim lastrow As Integer
    Dim curRow As Integer
    Dim newrow As Integer
    lastrow = exWS2.Cells.Rows.End(XlDirection.xlDown).Row
    exWS2.Cells(8, 6).Value = "Max"
    exWS2.Cells(8, 7).Value = "=Max(B2:B" & lastrow & ")"
    newrow = 8
    For curRow = 2 To lastrow
        If exWS2.Cells(curRow, 2) = exWS2.Cells(8, 7).Value Then
            newrow = newrow + 1
            exWS2.Cells(newrow, 6).Value = exWS2.Cells(curRow, 1).Value
        End If
    Next curRow
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i want to translate the code to vb.net to be useful to access excel from vb.net

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