Hi everyone, I am currently making a game in python. The objective of the game is to guess out the number within 6 guesses. I want to make a window that also involves graphics inside. I want to let the program have a box where you can enter in the value and another box that shows the results.I am kind of stuck on how to combine graphics with my code together. I know there are a lot flaws in my code. I would really appreciat it if you guys could help me, thanks!

Inline Code Example Here

    if guesses < 5:

from graphics import *

Text=Point(30,50,"Hello and welcome to the guessing game. The goal of this game is to guess a number between 1 to 100. you have six chances. There will be hints. Good luck.")
Text(Point(250,100 ), "Take a guess:D")
input = Entry(Point(300,100),50)
import random
number = random.randint(1, 100)
guesses = 0
guess = input()
guess = int(guess)
while guess!= number:
    if guesses < 5:
        if (guess< number):
            print('Your guess is too low')
            guesses= guesses + 1
            guess= input
        if guess > number:
            print('Your guess is too high.')
            guesses= guesses + 1
            guess= input
    if guesses==6:
        if guess != number:
            print (' You are '+ abs(number-guess) + 'numbers away, one last guess!')
if guess == number:
    guesses = str(guesses)
    print('Good job! You guessed my number in ' + guesses + ' guesses!')
    number = str(number)
    print('Nope. The number I was thinking of was ' + number)
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I would not use input as a variable name, especially as you also try to use also the function input, which is hidden due to this.


There also has to be a button that is pressed, or some other event trigger, to tell the progam when to get the value from the input GUI.

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