I have a silverlight app that uses TextBox XAML controls.

In the c++ code-behind, IXRTextBoxPtr types are associated with these textboxes using "FindName" like this:

FindName(L"ColNum3", &m_pColNum3);

(where ColNum3 corresponds with the XAML CODE like this: )

Then, the code assigns the pointer like this:

std::wstring wsTransfer; // gets the wstring from imput
const WCHAR * wpszInput;
wpszInput = wsTransfer.c_str();
but the display does not show the text data.

What am I missing? What steps am I missing to have this text modification display on the screen?

While I am not familiar with silverlight, I look at this code, and I see where you create the wstring object named wsTransfer, and then you make wpszInput point at that empty string, and then you set the text in m_pColNum3 with that empty string. At which point is the string not empty?

wsTransfer gets a wstring. I just left that part out, but I verified that it gets it. It is assigned it through a vector, but it gets there. But now you make me want to go back and double check...

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