Hello Guys,
I create a small program than allows user to create bank account and add or get money
but now i want to edit my code to accept more than one account
how can i do it ?

#include "header.h"

int i=0;
cout << "To create account enter 1\nTo exit enter any button else : ";
  cin >> i;
   if (i==1)
void Account::set(string n,int x,int y=0){
    name =n;
    password =y;

string Account::getName(){
return name;
int Account::getBalance(){
    return balance;
int Account::getPassword(){
    return password;
void Account::print(){
    cout<<"your balance is  "<<getBalance()<<endl;

void Account::withdraw(){
    int Getfrom;
    cout << "Enter how much you need : \n";
cin >> Getfrom;
if (balance >= Getfrom)   { balance = balance - Getfrom ; }
else cout << "You don't have enough balance\n";

void Account::deposit(){
    int addto;
    cout << "Enter how much you want to add : \n";
cin >> addto;
    balance +=addto;

int Account::userStartup(){
    string n;
    int  y ;
    int compar;

    cout<<"Enter your name "<<endl;
    cin >>n;
 if (n=="-1"){return 0;}
    cout<<"enter your password"<<endl;

if( n == getName() and y == getPassword() ) {user();}
   else { cout<<"one of the name or the password is wrong"<<endl;
   userStartup();  }


   void Account::create(){
       string n;
       int x=0;
       int y=0;
cout << "Enter your name : "<<endl ;
cin >>n;
cout << "Enter your balance : "<<endl;
cin >> x;
cout << "Enter your Password : "<<endl;
cin >>y;
cout <<"Congratulations "<<endl;//<<password;
   void Account::startup(){
        int x=0;

        cout <<"enter 1 to add or deposit \nenter any other button to exit : "<<endl ;
  cin >> x;
if (x==1) userStartup();

int Account::user(){
    int choice;
    cout << "\nTo get money enter 1";
cout << "\nTo add money enter 2 \nTo Show your balance enter 3\n enter any button else to exit "<<endl;
cin  >> choice;
if (choice == 1) { withdraw(); user(); }
else if (choice == 2 ) { deposit(); user();   }
else if (choice == 3 ) { print(); user();  }
else {cout<< "See you later\n\n"; return 0; }

nothing in main function, i just create an object on it

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Your code above defines the Account object.

if you want to create one of these, here is how you can create one.

Account firstAccount;

If you want to create another one:

Account anotherAccount;

How about if you want to create a third?

Account thirdAccount;

If you want lots of Account objects, just create lots.

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But in this case user won't be able to access the account that he want.
I mean if he creates third account, he can't go back to first account ( to add or get )

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