Hi, I've been given a task of printing from a grid in VB6 and came across the article shown below.


I've implemented the code provided (re-typed, not copy/paste) and when I run it I get a run-time error 383 saying the printer properties are read only. For example, if I try to set the orientation to landscape by coding Ptr.Orientation = 2 the error tells me that the 'Orientation' property is read only. If I comment this line out, I get the same error on the next printer property, for example, Ptr.CurrentY.

I'm correctly identifying the default printer and do not get an error when setting the Ptr.Font.Name or Ptr.Font.Size.

I realise the original post is over two years old but I need to solve this problem if possible. Does anyone have any ideas as to what my code may be throwing these errors?

Thanks and best regards


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Hi, it's on a different laptop so I'll post it when I get home in a few hours. Thanks


Here's the code. I get error 383 on any property referred to by the Ptr object

' This routine is in a specific form
Private Sub btnPrint_Click()
    Dim objPrinter As Printer
    Set objPrinter = GetDefaultPrinter
    PrintGridContents objPrinter, fgAddresses, 0, 0
    Set objPrinter = Nothing

End Sub

' This routine is in a library of commonly used routines
Public Sub PrintGridContents(ByVal Ptr As Object, ByVal GridName As Control, ByVal xmin As Single, ByVal ymin As Single)
    Const GAP = 60

    Dim xmax As Single
    Dim ymax As Single
    Dim X As Single
    Dim c As Integer
    Dim r As Integer

    With Ptr.Font
        .Name = GridName.Font.Name
        .Size = GridName.Font.Size
    End With

    Ptr.Orientation = 2

    With GridName
        xmax = xmin + GAP
        For c = 0 To .Cols - 1
            xmax = xmax + .ColWidth(c) + 2 * GAP
        Next c

        Ptr.CurrentY = ymin
        For r = 0 To .Rows - 1
            'Draw a line above this row
            If r > 0 Then Ptr.Line (xmin, Ptr.CurrentY)-(xmax, Ptr.CurrentY)
            Ptr.CurrentY = Ptr.CurrentY + GAP
            'Print the entries on this row
            X = xmin + GAP
            For c = 0 To .Cols - 1
                Ptr.CurrentX = X
                Ptr.Print BoundedText(Ptr, .TextMatrix(r, c), .ColWidth(c));
                X = X + .ColWidth(c) + 2 * GAP
            Next c
            Ptr.CurrentY = Ptr.CurrentY + GAP
            'Move to next line
        Next r
        ymax = Ptr.CurrentY

        'Draw a box around everything
        Ptr.Line (xmin, ymin)-(xmax, ymax), , B

        'Draw lines between the columns
        X = xmin
            For c = 0 To .Cols - 2
            X = X + .ColWidth(c) + 2 * GAP
        Ptr.Line (X, ymin)-(X, ymax)
        Next c

    End With


End Sub

The Orientation property isn't available on VB6 by default (IICRC).

You need service pack 6 (maybe 5, not sure anymore), not the service pack from MS website.

Just search the web for the SPs.


I'm already running Service Pack 6, have been for many years. I have another function in my code that uses the Print Dialog and that let's me set the Orientation as shown in the following code so it has to be something obtuse, just don't know what that something is:

' This is a working example using the Print Dialog
Dim printDlg as PrinterDlg
Set printDlg = New printDlg
With printDlg
    .DriverName = Printer.DriverName
    .Port = Printer.Port
    .PrinterName = Printer.DeviceName
    .PaperBin = Printer.PaperBin
    If Orientation = "Landscape" Then
        .Orientation = 2
        .Orientation = 1
    End if
    .Copies = Copies        'The variable "Copies" is set elsewhere
    If Not .ShowPrinter (Me.hwnd) Then
        Exit Sub
    End if
End With
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