Student and Courses Record Management System (LinkList of LinkList)

In this Assignment you need to create a small student and courses record management system with following functionalities.

1- Add New Student This function will allow you to add a new student record,you can use any three attributes of your choice for entity student.

2- Add New Course This function will allow you to add a new Course record, you can use any three attributes of your choice for entity Course.

3- Assign Course to Student In this function you need to take the id of the student for you want to assign courses, after taking id you need to find that student in your record system, if student id exist, display all the record to end user and prompt him for confirmation after receiving confirmation from end user you need to display the complete list of Courses you have in your record system and ask user to select one course which he want to assign (hint you can use indexes for selection of a particular course) after shortlisting of a course from user you need to assign that particular course to user’s selected student.

4- Query for a student courses In this function end user will provide an id for a student if student id exists in your record system you need to display all courses of that particular student for which he registered for.

5- Delete a Course for a particular student. This feature will allow end user to delete a course for a particular student. You need to provide a proper menu for above system with the help of while loop. For implementation of above system you need to maintain the data structure that is linklist of linklist as shown below.

The student node contain course head to refer those courses you want to assign to a particular student.

Prototype of your ADT’sClass CourseNode { String courseTitle; String courseID; CourseNode *Next; } Class StudentNode { String name; Int id; Float cgpa; StudentNode *Next; CourseNode *Head; Void assignCourse(CourseNode *currentCourse); } Class CourseNode

You can change the prototype and attributes according to your assumptions but you are not allowed to change the structure of Record System as shown above in figure. All marks are based on implementation of data structure that is linklist of linklist so do your work accordingly.

can anyone help me with this assignment.i need full code for this plz help frndz its urgent.

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No we will not give you the code for you assignment. This is called cheating and in any decent educational institution you should get expelled for that.

Now if you work on your own code and you run into a problem with it then you can post that problem here and we will help you with it. You still have to be careful with that as a lot of instructor will still consider that cheating as your assignments should be done by you and not someone else.

Please read this for further information.

Firstly, Indent your code properly dude..

Secondly, if you are using c++, why using Link List, thats not the conventional C++ style..Use vector of class datatype instead of structure..Vector library provides several method to operate on the database.

Lastly, Use these above mentioned principle to implement the homework by yourself. If there is any specific error, you can ask..

Here is the vector tutorial page

Your problem can be more easily handled if it's broken up into two BIG steps...

1st step:

Using the C++ library linked list, you can code and test out the code for the data processing...

2nd step:

You could then code/test a linked list ... and sub in that linked list for the C++ library list.

Below you can see related examples of doing just that ... If you study this, it could help you to get started.

Class Student using C++ library list ... AND ...,2586.0.html

6 Fast Steps to a C++ template class List,2606.0.html

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