Ever since I got a fancy iMac and started using the Xcode IDE, I got hooked on Apple's new Swift language. From what I heard, it is supposed to replace the aging Objective C.

I left a couple of Swift code snippets in the Computer Science section about my one-month experience with Swift. I think Apple is onto a great thing. They want to make Swift Open Source by year's end.

See ...

On the side: Looks like the Objective-C Discussion Community is dying.

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I guess it must be there.
I'm not seem to find it on the net.
Has Swift some library to use UI elements like comboboxes, datagrids etc.?

To build a GUI app you best use Apple's Xcode IDE, just like you would use the MS Studio builder for C#.

As a side. when you do Google searches on Swift, you always bump into Taylor Swift which is not too unpleasant.

You can look up the contents of the UIKit at:

A real cool video on building a calculator for IOS is at ...

Yes. They have planned to replace objective c with swift .
Swift is fast and easy to learn but i find objective c more interesting . :p

If you start a Swift Xcode project, you have to specify which OS you want to use and then pick a template. Apps for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iWatch) will be touch sensitive, and apps for OS X will be for the iMac computers.

Swift has combined some of the best features of languages like Python, C# and Objective C with an uptodate approach to memory management, to create a "safe" modern language. It's a work in progress, the new Swift2 version has seen some major improvements in error handling.

I have never seen Objective C referenced as "more interesting" ...

Driving a Model T would be interesting, but if you want to get somewhere, it's not very swift. :)

Neither Objective C or Swift is a hot bed for scientific computing. They are pretty lame.

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