We have at work a tough argument about giving name to certain project. I'll glad to hear your opinion.
There is an old dll project called BlMath (math stuff...), some projects still use it, but some day we want it to be obsolete.
The new project is going to be the next generation of that BlMath project with a new base math library (Eigen) and header only implementation with a lot more new math functions.

Some say the name of the new library need to be BlMath2.
Some say - the same name (all the old code will be replaced but will stored in the history of the dource control)
And some say - call it with some other name like BlMathPro, BlMathematics, Blmath2015 etc.

What do you think?

Thank you!

I like BlMath2015
It also establishes a system for naming future releases...