Hey I need to know if I can convert.my full vb project to #c? If I can how I can do it

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There are 2 main ways of doing this.

Line by line conversion by hand

Third party conversion tool. A search term such as convert vb to c# produces lots of hits in Google.

I completed one like that years ago. Since I wrote the first app the conversion took only a few months. It turned out so well that it never needed a new version due to bugs. Features? Yes those came later.

I will found erros after convert or not?

In my case the only errors I found were the ones I made. It was one of the best porting experiences I ever had. But this was my original code and design so I had in my head not only how it worked but ideas about how I could have done it better.

Moving to C# opened the door to much better tools than the original VB6 code as well as removed some old limitations.

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