hi, i want to attach a handwritting pad(ivista tablet) to my java project. Any suggestion or any method how to make it possible.
I tried the google but doesn't find any help

I gave this post time to age. Think over your question as if you knew nothing of your project. I can't tell if this is on the tablet, or if you want to add a signature box to your web app or well, you get the idea.

I did check out ivista and they have a raft of tablets. Not sure why that matters. Next time, tell all, tell specifics.

ok But now i knew the project and now i want to add signature box to the project which method i can use for this purpose.

I'd share more about your project. I dropped hints it could be a web app, some standalone PC or tablet app but your reply didn't reveal enough detail for me to add ideas. Tell more, get more.

what did you wanted to know about project.

you're clearly trolling here. He already said what type of information he wants quite clearly.

Still want to hear more about the project. Web, PC, tablet app? Or did you want to use some tablet as a signature pad that communicates to your app? That communication is going to be what? WiFi, Bluetooth or other?

I'm unsure what asking for project details would be trolling.

I didn't mean you are trolling, OP is. He's clearly not interested in providing any information at all. Wouldn't be surprised if there is no system...

Thanks jwenting. I get the feeling it's a form of spam for that tablet maker. SEO of some sort.

That said, I do have apps out there that take pen inputs on don't laugh, PalmOS and other OSes. The vagueness is killing this discussion.