Does anyone know if it's possible to intercept the button presses off a presentation remote, just like we are able to listen for keyboard strokes?

In this case, the buttons on the remote don't appear to be linked to a keyboard button.

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What brand of remote? Does it have a special driver? Did you check with the manufacturer?

Also, I assume it's a USB recieve communicating wirelesly? Is it RFID, Bluetooth, ext?

(On a side note, anyone else get the feeling he's asking this to pull a prank on like a professor or something?)

I managed to sort this by using a keyboard reader code, that just told me on screen what button I was pressing. Turns out they were keyboard strokes, just not the one's I had thought.

And no, not a prank, just been creating a slide show programme and wanted to control it remotely... Good idea though.

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