I have three separate presentations with the same problem and I have read the other thread regarding this and have tried to load the presentation up through Open Office and this has failed. Does anyone else have any ideas as these are extremely important to me!!!

F.Y.I - When I open the file within Open Office, it loads up a load of hashes in the writer function of the program.

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I assume you have tried Powerpoint. What about Libre Office (the latest version)? It handles MS Office cruft much better than Open Office does.

Anyway, the pertinent question is why did this happen? Do you have a disc that is starting to fail? Have you run disc analysis and recovery tools on it? What about viruses?



There are different methods available to recover corrupted PPT.

Method 1:
Move the PowerPoint to different location : this is first and very useful troubleshooting method to repair PPT problems . Copy presentation and paste it on other computer hard.

Method 2: Open presentation in MS word document:
If you have tried above method, but still facing same problem then try to open corrupt PowerPoint in MS Word. Follow this below steps:

• Open MS Word.
• Click on Open button of File menu.
• Select Files of type box and navigate to your corrupt file, Open it.

Method 3: Use Safe Mode
To see your presentation in safe mode, first of all you will have to run PowerPoint in safe mode. Follow these steps to do it...

• Click on Start button.
• Select Run & type “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\your MS office version\Powerpnt.exe" /safe”.
• Now press OK button.
• Restart your system, during restart press & hold F8 button to start window in safe mode.
• Open & see your presentation.

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