Create a program that displays the menu and its price. Let the user choose among the menu and compute his total billing. The user can choose an item one at a time and can order one or more quantity of an item he choose. As the user makes an order, the total billing should be updated. Once the user is done making an order, get his cash and display his change (if necessary), if his cash is lesser than his billing return the cash and display that his cash is not enough to pay his billing.

If the billing reach Php 1500, the user is not allowed to make another order.The maximum order per item is 20 pieces. items:
Burger.....php 10.50
Foot long.....php 36.75
Shawarma.....php 62.80
Fries.....php 25.60
Juice.....php 10.00
shake.....php 15.00

Sorry, but we do not do your homework for you. Make an honest attempt, post the code here along with errors or issues you are getting, and then we may help.