Hi all i need a help to develop[e sequance diagram in Rational Rose or Visual Paradigm ,have use case ready.If this this is the wright place to discuss it,please let me know and i post my use case.I am new to sequance diagrams.Thanks

Yes, but tag it UML as well. (I'm a huge fan of sequence diagrams as a tool for allocating responsibilities to classes, especially as a group activity around a whiteboard).

Sorry for the late responce ,here is my Use case,would appreciate if you could help,i just first time facing to draw.

Use case name: Update Employee Profile

Participating Actor:Employee

 Precondition:The use must have previously logged on

Entry Conditions :  This use case is initiated when the user selets this option from the user interface.

Flow of Events: 
1.  The system responds by displaying a search screen with option for entering a department.There is  also an option to cancel the search.
2.  The user will fill in search creiteria.
2.1 IF the user cancels the search,the use case will exit.
3.   Foreach matching criteria system responds by displaying links to detailed information for each employee.There is  also an option to return to the search screen.
3.1 IF no employees match the criteria,the system will display a message informing the user and then return to step 1.
4.  User clicks on detailed link for employee.
4.1 IF the user selects the option to return to the search criteria,the use case returns to step 1.
5.  The system will display the phone number,employee’s office location,department,job title and supervisor.And require user to update profile info.And submit Update.The screen will include an option to update employee profile and return to the list of employees and option to return to the search screen.

6.  The user updates all or part(s) of profile info(from step 5),views the information on the selected employee and submits the information,by pressing update button.And then exits the use case.

6.1 IF the user selects the option to return to list of employees ,the use case returns to step 3.
6.2 IF the user selects the option to the search screen,the use  case returns to step 1.
7.  Exit Condition : epmloyees profile information has been updated and  employee exited the use case.

do you know how to analyze such an assignment and seperate the components of it?

Would not say no if you could to guid me.

start thinking this way: the nouns in that text are the classes and instances, the verbs are methods and functionalities.

Yes,thanks for the reminder.My question would be : how to draw sequance diagram.I think i am clear on creating class with attributes and operators.

Is this right logic :
How to draw iterations?